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  Welcome to Insight

Specialist Guidance for Emotional Well-Being

Behind each visit to our site is a motivating reason:

  • You might have experienced a challenging event in your life,and felt some overwhelming emotions
  • Maybe you are unsatisfied or unhappy, with some aspects of your life
  • You could be simply wondering how it all works and how best to maintain a good emotional health
  • Or being happy with your well being you might feel like sharing your gifts with others

Whatever stage of the journey you find yourself at, we all could use some direction. Find out your position on the emotional well being map, by using the free Self-Assessment Tools. Then we can guide you further, with our Emotional Well-Being Programs.

Emotional Well-Being - because feeling HAPPY is GOOD for you !

      Check Your Emotional Well-Being

in-sight (noun). [in-sahyt]
an understanding of the motivational forces behind one's actions, thoughts and behavior

e-mo-tion-al (adj). [ih-moh-shuh-nl] appealing to or arousing ones emotions

well-be-ing (noun). [wel-bee-ing]
a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity


How do you rate your emotional well-being at today?

Try one or all of our self tests:

  1. Quick Emotional Well-Being Self-Test (30 second test)
  2. Emotional Well-Being Self-Assessment (2 minutes)
  3. Emotional Well-Being Balance Sheet (10 minutes)

These can help you understand where you are, where you're going, and if the need arises allow you to take the first step towards your new life. We could help you understand yourself and the different ways you react to, and experience life.

All this in the total respect of your individuality, whatever level of mastering you currently possess, we have a suitable program tailored to your needs:

Together we can find how to make new or add some choices to your life.

Decide who you want to be and how you want to feel.

Find out what working on your emotional well-being with us could do. Contact us on 0115 735 1199 or complete our form to request further information or a call-back.